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Comey on Whether the Russians Have Something on Trump: ‘It’s Possible, I Don’t Know’

During his big ABC News interview tonight, former FBI Director James Comey could not definitively say that the Russians do not have something on President Trump.

“I think it’s possible. I don’t know,” Comey told George Stephanopoulos. “These are more words I never thought I’d utter about a president of the United States, but it’s possible.”

Stephanopoulos said it’s “stunning” that this is something he cannot completely rule out.

Comey responded, “It is stunning and I wish I wasn’t saying it, but it’s just––it’s the truth. I cannot say that. It always struck me and still strikes me as unlikely, and I would’ve been able to say with high confidence about any other president I dealt with, but I can’t. It’s possible.”

A little earlier in the interview, Comey also recounted his feelings about Russian officials being in the Oval Office the day after he was fired: “That’s crazy.”

Stephanopoulos also asked Comey for his thoughts about Trump potentially firing Robert Mueller.

“It would, I hope,” Comey said, “set off alarm bells that this is his most serious attack yet on the rule of law.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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