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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Spars With WH Spox Hogan Gidley on Comey: ‘Your Stories Are Shifting’

Anderson Cooper had a contentious exchange with White House spokesman Hogan Gidley on CNN Monday night over President Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with fired FBI director James Comey.

Gidley opened by bashing Comey for leaking information, deriding him as “the most hated person in this town.”

Cooper interjected, asking whether Gidley was saying Comey was fired for leaking. The CNN host pointed out that the White House said Comey was fired over his handling over the Clinton investigation — while Trump suggested it had to do with the Russia investigation.

“I’m saying it can be all of those things,” Gidley said.

“That’s the first time I heard he was fired for leaking information?” Cooper pressed.

Gidley dodged the question, and Cooper continued by noting “it sounds like your stories are shifting.”

The CNN anchor went on to ask Gidley about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and whether Trump saw the raid on his lawyer Michael Cohen “as more of a threat” than the Russia investigation.

“I haven’t spoken with [Trump] directly about the Cohen raid,” Gidley said. “The president is concerned about the direction that the Mueller investigation has turned.”

To wrap things up, Cooper asked Gidley if Cohen was still Trump’s personal attorney.

Gidley replied that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has answered the question, before giving a complete non-answer and ultimately confessing that he actually had no idea.

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