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Fox & Friends Defends Hannity: ‘Perfectly Logical’ to Ask Trump’s Lawyer for Legal Advice

Fox & Friends defended Sean Hannity against the revelation that he was the secret client Michael Cohen was trying to keep of the record before court yesterday.

As the curvy couch reviewed Hannity’s efforts to downplay his relationship with President Trump‘s personal lawyer, Brian Kilmeade knocked the media for being “obsessed” with the potential conflict of interest and Trump entanglement that the news entails.

“It’s perfectly logical to think that if you’re friendly with somebody, that you might ask him for legal help,” Kilmeade said. “As I say all the time, I can’t tell you how many times I asked [Judge Andrew Napolitano] legal things to help me with stories, not in legal trouble, but I asked for legal advice.”

As Steve Doocy lamented the end of attorney-client privilege, Ainsley Earhardt decided to just make stuff up and say that Cohen wasn’t claiming Hannity as his client.

“Michael Cohen wasn’t saying that Sean Hannity was is client, right. He was just asked by the judge who did you give legal advice to. They could just be friends, giving each other legal advice.”

It should be noted that Cohen’s attorney, Stephen Ryan, did describe Hannity as a client of the Trump lawyer.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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