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Kimmel Travels Back In Time To Give Baby Trump Advice: ‘Don’t Fire a Man Named James Comey’

In an attempt to help the country, Jimmy Kimmel decided to “travel back in time” to give Baby Donald Trump some advice ahead of his presidency.

After saying his name three times, Kimmel traveled back to the year 1946 when Trump was still in his golden crib.

“Donny! Wake up! It’s Uncle Jimmy!” he said as he woke up Baby Trump. “I have something to tell you. You’re going to be the president of the United States!”

The baby sat up in shock.

“Isn’t that crazy?” Kimmel asked.

He then told Baby Trump that he was going to marry a “beautiful woman” named Melania and that she wasn’t going to be born for another 24 years.

“Now Donald, I want to give you some advice because one day, you’re going to be very rich and very famous, okay? You’ll have the power to hire people and to fire people and you’re gonna love firing people,” Kimmel continued. “I want you to listen very closely because in the future, you’re going to fire a person named Meatloaf, okay? That’s fine. You’re going to fire a person whose name is Omarasa. That’s fine too. You’re gonna fire a crazed wild animal whose name is Gary Busey. That’s also fine. But don’t fire a man named James Comey . Yes, because if you do, he’s going to tell everybody who wet your bed.”

Kimmel then noticed that Baby Trump had a dirty diaper that had solid gold surprise inside. And of course, it said “Made in China.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.