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MSNBC’s Ari Melber Hits James Comey in Massive Takedown of New Book: He ‘Still Doesn’t Get It’

Ari Melber came out strongly against James Comey yesterday, saying the former FBI director has learned nothing about why his conduct has drawn the ire of so many political observers.

In an eleven-minute segment of his Monday show, Melber outlined how Comey’s book doubles down his decisions in office while declining to acknowledge the legal criticism.

“[He] still doesn’t get it,” Melber said.

On the subject of Hillary Clinton‘s email investigation, Melber criticized Comey for defending the press conference in which he declared that the bureau didn’t recommend filing criminal charges against the former secretary of state.

Melber noted Comey’s rationale of wanting to dispel partisan narratives about the Clinton 2016 campaign controlling the DOJ. However, he said that Comey’s decision still undercut the Justice Department, and also backfired by generating unnecessary controversy with his “naive” defenses.

“That argument from Comey is so illogical, circular, and frankly dumb, it’s actually hard to follow,” Melber said. He used a similar criticism when he got to the part of Comey’s book where he admits he set himself up to take the hit after re-opening the Clinton investigation.

“That’s more than chutzpah. It’s more than delusion, it is the kind of grandiose rationalization that calls your judgment into question.”

In terms of Comey’s statements on President Trump, Melber said that even though Comey is a “credible witness” against the White House, he’s making mistakes on his book tour by commenting on Robert Mueller‘s probe.

“After a book length lecture on avoiding politics, James Comey is using his newfound rhetorical freedom to tell people to vote their values against Trump…So besides being tone deaf and political, the answer undercuts an open criminal investigation by special counsel Mueller, who is yet to release or complete public findings. Prejudging that outcome would be a mistake for any witness in this probe. Nut for a witness this central, a witness who used to run the FBI. A witness who made these famous failures in 2016 by speaking out prematurely about other political investigations. A witness who knows better. How do you explain making that kind of mistake in the middle of all of this right now? The same way most mistakes are made. If you don’t address your past mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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