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ICE agents portrayed as arresting pallbearer — as he carries uncle’s coffin from church — on TV show

If any agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement happened to be watching Wednesday’s episode of Fox’s “Star,” it isn’t likely they stood up and cheered at the TV screen.

Because the program showed ICE agents barreling in their SUVs toward a church and then arresting a pallbearer. And not while said pallbearer was sitting in the sanctuary. And not while he headed to restroom in the middle of the funeral service.

Image source: MRC TV video screenshot

No, they nabbed the pallbearer as he was carrying his uncle’s coffin from the church.

Image source: MRC TV video screenshot

In fact, when he asked if they could just let him bury his uncle before carting him away, an agent issued a chilly reply: “We don’t wait on criminals.”

Image source: MRC TV video screenshot

Seems the pallbearer, Angel Rivera, learned in a previous episode that he’s an illegal immigrant and isn’t safe from ICE’s evil clutches. But after his uncle dies, Rivera makes an appearance at his funeral — and ICE agents close in for their collar.

Image source: MRC TV video screenshot

Oh, those zany ICE agents. What heartless act will they dream up next?

This writer’s perspective

It must be cathartic for Hollywood scribes and show creators to assign the very worst possible traits to people and groups they despise — and better yet to have those folks act out the very worst possible behavior for millions to witness onscreen.

Not that such portrayals influence viewers’ opinions or anything. No, never.

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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