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Chris Cuomo Says Trump’s Opposition to AT&T-Time Warner Merger is About ‘Reinforcing’ His Own Power

CNN host Chris Cuomo claimed President Trump’s opposition to the recently approved AT&T-Time Warner merger was about “reinforcing the power of” the president, not checking the power of corporations.

“President Trump’s attack on the [AT&T-Time Warner] merger was never about keeping power from the few,” Cumo said on tonight’s airing of Prime Time. “It was about reinforcing the power of one. President Donald J. Trump”

Cuomo, whose employer CNN is a controlled by Time Warner, was referencing a federal judge’s decision today which allowed AT&T and Time Warner to complete their $85 billion merger, despite Trump’s Justice Department attempting to block the deal by claiming it creates an entity that is too powerful.

Trump himself passionately decried the merger and even made it a campaign issue, saying in one speech that he “will not approve [the deal] in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.”

Cuomo’s commentary also included the following monologue which juxtaposed Trump’s supposed opposition to power consolidation in this merger to his own proxmity to power and wealth:

“The most obnoxious part of this was the premise: Too much power in the hands of too few. President Trump’s resistance to that notion is defined by almost every move he has made in office. Think about it, every autocrat he compliments, every fat cat cabinet member he adds to what he calls the swamp, a tax deal that rewards the rich by simple math, stripping regulations to allow big business to pollute and exploit others.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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