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Drag queen superheroes show — ‘Super Drags’ — coming to Netflix: ‘They’re going to save the world’

“Super Drags,” an animated series about a trio of drag queen superheroes, is coming soon to Netflix.

“During the day, they work in a department store and deal with their uptight bitchy boss,” the teaser trailer description reads. “By night, they tighten up their corsets and transform into the baddest SUPER DRAGS in town, ready to combat shade and rescue the world’s glitter from the evil villains. Get ready, because the SUPER DRAGS are going deeper than you think.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Netflix US tweeted a few words about the upcoming show: “They’re here, they’re queer, and they’re going to save the world.”

‘At night, they release their inner divas …’

CosmoNerd offers a few more details: “Patrick, Donny and Ramon work in a department store. With annoying customers and a picky boss. At night, they release their inner divas to become Lemon Chiffon, Cran’s Sapphire and Crimson Scarlet: three incredibly fabulous Super Drags who have been recruited to gather the LGBT community and spread glitter in the world.”

The five-episode original series is coming from Brazilian animation outfit Cosmo Studio and is scheduled to debut in the second half of 2018, CosmoNerd reported.

‘A world where gays can bust the bad guys’

“Thanks to Netflix we can take the Brazilian animation and mainly the LGBTQ representativeness to the 190 countries that have access to the service,” Marcelo Pereira, executive producer of “Super Drags,” told CosmoNerd. Pereira added that now he can “dream of a world where gays can bust the bad guys, not the other way around.”

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