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Giuliani: It’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up

Rudy Giuliani (video screenshot)

Rudy Giuliani (video screenshot)

The president believes it’s now time for special counsel Robert Mueller, who was supposed to be investigating Democrat claims of Trump campaign collusion with Russia, either to put up or shut up.

Trump’s lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was all over the networks and social media over the weekend and Monday, explaining that the time is now for a conclusion for the investigation.

Democrats, who likely prompted the entire investigation with the “dossier” assembled by an operative paid by a company on the payroll of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, obviously would like the investigation to continue through the midterm elections in the fall, as political cannon fodder.

But Jonathan Swan at Axios reported that, “Rudy Giuliani told me that President Trump is fed up with Robert Mueller and wants him to ‘put up or shut up.’ What he’s saying: ‘Why don’t you write a report and show us what you have, because they don’t have a g—-mn thing. It’s like a guy player poker. He’s bluffing and he’s only got a pair of twos.’”

Giuliani explained Trump’s view is: “Enough is enough,” the report said.

The Axois column reported Trump tweeted twice about Mueller – just recently – “in terms that were sharper, and with a more personal edge, than the president’s usual rants about the ‘witch hunt.’”

He said the president doesn’t have plans to fire Mueller, but believes it “should get this over now.”

Mueller’s apparently unrestricted investigation has gone on for a year and a half now, and so far has been able to mostly file “process” charges against a couple of campaign workers – but those are unrelated to any Russia link.

Giuliani also addressed tapes made by Trump’s former lawyer, explaining only one has Trump on it, and that was revealed last week.

CNBC reported Giuliani’s barrage of comments also included that “collusion is not a crime,” even though the president has said there was no collusion.

“I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime,” Giuliani said in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.” “Collusion is not a crime.”

He later told CNN, “The hacking is the crime. The president didn’t hack.”

Then he went back to social media to accuse the media of “nitpicking.”

“You can investigate an innocent person forever and forever and find nothing. When do we say enough is enough. No collusion, no obstruction. President Trump did nothing wrong,” he wrote.

Then there are those “conflicts of interest,” for Mueller that Giuliani pointed out.

Trump earlier cited a “very nasty & contentious business relationship” between the two and although Giuliani didn’t elaborate, he said Mueller needs to “stand up and be a man.”

“He has the conflict, not the president,” Giuliani said.

CNBC suggested Mueller in 2011 ended his membership at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia after a fee dispute.

Fox News reported liberal icon Alan Dershowitz speculated that Mueller hopes the charges he filed against Paul Manafort, a onetime Trump campaign manager, will force him to reveal something about the president.

The charges against Manaford are conspiracy and others regarding millions of dollars he allegedly made for working for Ukraine many years before he worked for the Trump campaign.

On Fox, Dershowitz said if there’s a conviction, it would give Mueller an opportunity to question him about the president’s actions.

Dershowitz said to pay attention to whether the prosecution hints at Manafort’s relationship with Trump.

“The judge is not sympathetic to this prosecution,” he said. “I suspect that we’ll see that in some of his rulings.”

Fox reported, “Similarly, Dershowitz said Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is also ‘in a squeeze’ and may have to provide evidence against Trump for a ‘better deal.’ He said witnesses like that sometimes end up ‘composing’ evidence in a bid for reduced charges or a lesser sentence.”

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