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Hollywood star to Joy Behar: Move to socialist country

Joy Behar (video screenshot)

Joy Behar (video screenshot)

TV talk-show host Joy Behar is emphatically anti-President Trump.

It may be because she doesn’t understand how the process works, since she’s begged an Obama administration official to get Obama to attack Trump, suggested the president was out of line to nominate a judge for a Supreme Court appointment, and even admitted she’d like Alan Dershowitz more if he found “a legal argument to impeach” Trump.

On her criticism of Trump’s unabashed free-market and America-first business policy, she also may not fully understand.

But a Hollywood star has a very simple solution for that dilemma:

She should go and live in a true socialist economy and find out what it’s like.

CNS News reported Kevin Sorbo, known for his roles in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” as well as family friendly movies like “Let There Be Light,” commented on Behar.

Kevin Sorbo in his "Hercules" role

Kevin Sorbo in his “Hercules” role

“Behar needs to move to all the countries she mentions here and jump in with the taxes they have to pay and see what socialism can do to her pocket book [sic],” stated Kevin Sorbo on Facebook. “She makes millions every year working so hard 3 hours a day to spout the ‘Joy’ of socialism, marxism [sic] and communism. Look at what our government has done to public schools, post office, etc. She lives in such a bubble. She enjoys her wealth due to capitalism … not socialism.”

He said, “Joy Behar Just Defended Socialism on ‘The View’ – Meghan McCain Set Her Straight.”

Sorbo also has starred in “God’s Not Dead.”

His comments came just after people of the “The View” discussed rising democratic socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the show, with conservative Meghan McCain blasting Behar for agreeing with socialist policies.



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