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John Oliver Mocks Tucker Carlson’s Coverage of #MeToo: He Sounds ‘Like an Erection’s Temper Tantrum’

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver mocked Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his coverage on the recent rise in high profile sexual misconduct cases, as the HBO late night comic said the right-wing pundit sounds “like an erection’s temper tantrum” when discussing the #MeToo movement.

“I’m starting to be concerned that innocent people are afraid of being hurt and that’s a bad sign,” Carlson can be seen saying in a clip aired by Oliver. “So the question is, what are the rules? How do we find out what they are? How do you know if you’re guilty? What is going on?”

“You can tell so much about a question from the mere tone with which it is asked,” Oliver said — responding to Carlson’s remarks. “Because ‘what are the rules?’ is not inherently a bad question to ask if you want to know the answer. ‘What ARE the rules?!’ sounds more like an erection’s temper tantrum.”

After airing another segment in-which Carlson can be heard claiming men “are pretty close to being destroyed” by women, Oliver responded by saying, “It’s true, it’s absolutely true, men are destroyed. It is the end of men, women are taking us down.”

However, Oliver’s main point of the segment was that America is “on the verge of a national reckoning about sexual harassment.”

Oliver then dove into the meat of his segment on workplace harassment by bringing on Anita Hill, the woman who testified against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas for his alleged sexual misconduct, and discussing a few of the many famous #MeToo cases that have come out recently.

“Re-watching the Senate debate about her now, it is depressing how many of the techniques used to undermine her are still around today,” Oliver said of Hill. “Concern over false allegations, blaming the victim, to outright character assassination.”

Hill went on to discuss the positive impact of the #MeToo movement.

“There has been a tremendous amount of change in public attitude and there has been a change in the information we have about sexual harassment,” she said. “Even a few years ago, people were ambivalent about what the consequences should be concerning behaving incredibly badly in the workplace.”

Hill added that she is “feeling more optimistic that I was 27 years ago.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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