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S.E. Cupp Takes On the Cohen-Trump-Giuliani Dogpile: Trust ‘No One,’ All Three are ‘Bullies and Liars’

HLN’s S.E. Cupp is warning political observers to be leery of anything Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have to say as they wage war on one another.

As part of her opening monologue on Monday night’s Unfiltered, the HLN host recapped the latest revelations from Cohen — noting that he’s come a long way from the days where he professed his absolute loyalty to the president. Cupp then pointed to Giuliani’s Monday media blitz as evidence that the president and his allies are now willing to rip Cohen apart as fiercely as they would any of Trump’s longtime critics.

With so much confusion generated by the three way dynamic between Trump, Giuliani and Cohen, Cupp had a simple answer on who people should side with and trust in this fight: “No one.”

“Michael Cohen is a bully and a liar. Rudy Giuliani is a bully and a liar. President Trump is a bully and a liar. Not surprised these guys are fighting, but whatever you think of the Mueller investigation, and you could believe it’s time to wrap it up, no one is alleging that Robert Mueller is a bully and a liar except for these three bullies and liars.”

Watch above, via HLN.

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