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Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: Democrats Should Be ‘Insulted’ at the Idea of Avenatti 2020

Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer considering a presidential run is the kind of thing most pundits would dismiss out of hand. But Donald Trump is the President so anything is possible now, and Nicolle Wallace‘s panel this afternoon entertained the possibility.

The Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker said, “Trump made it happen in the Republican Party a few years ago. I mean, you look at the field of Democrats right now and Avenatti is the one who stands out. He’s the one not a politician.”

The question, Wallace said, is what Democrats value most. And if what they need is a “fighter,” people may warm up to him.

The Root‘s Jason Johnson said the Democrats could certainly use a fighter, “someone who is actually going to go head to head with Donald Trump.”

Wallace noted, as Avenatti himself has, plenty of established politicians ran against Trump and ran “factually accurate ads” and prepared. They all lost.

WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin said Democrats should really not be embracing this:

“I think this is a really bad idea. Simply because Donald Trump ran as a celebrity and has become the worst president in history. Doesn’t mean the Democrats should duplicate it. And Democrats are different than Republicans. They do care about governance. They do care about some of the policy issues. And I think looking at him, Democrats would and should be insulted that he thinks he can come into their party at the last moment and run for president.”

“He hasn’t been a Democrat operative, he hasn’t been a democratic candidate at any level,” she added, saying the Democrats need to find someone good to run.

Wallace even observed, “I have not met… a Democrat who feels good about their pool for 2020.”

“I’m not advocating for another person that hasn’t worked in politics,” she said. “I’m just saying: why not?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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