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Bill Maher Ridicules QAnon Conspiracy Theorists: ‘I Am Q’

Bill Maher ended his show Friday night by ridiculing the QAnon conspiracy theorists and, well, revealing that he is Q.

Maher explained to his audience what the conspiracy actually entails and the fact that some people have been spotted with Q signs at rallies for President Donald Trump.

He started by saying, “If Trump supporters don’t want us to call them stupid, they have to stop coming up with things like Q.”

And after playing footage of one Trump rally-goer dismissing a reporter’s observation that there’s no evidence of it, Maher said, “Oh, for fuck’s sake. I liked you people better when you were just religious nuts.”

“Donald Trump was just posing as a disgusting pervert for the last half-century,” Maher continued explaining, “to gain credibility so he could go after the real perverts now.”

And then Maher went ahead and just revealed he’s Q and send out a list of instructions for followers, like “on Tuesday, November 6th, stay at home.”

Watch above, via HBO.

[image via screengrab]

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