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Brian Stelter on Omarosa-White House Fight: ‘Nobody Involved Has a Reputation for Being Honest’

Omarosa Manigault makes a lot of serious claims in her new book about President Donald Trump, some of which the White House has disputed. Most explosively, she claims she turned down hush money she was offered to keep quiet about her time in the White House.

As CNN’s Brian Stelter put it this afternoon, Manigault’s book is sort of a follow-up to Fire and Fury.

There is, of course, an issue of her credibility, and Stelter said that’s true of both sides in this debacle:

“Sarah Sanders and her press aides are not the most credible people either. This is an awkward situation where nobody involved has a reputation for being honest and telling the truth. You think about Omarosa… her persona has always been about being a villain, a liar, a backstabber. That has been the brand. She was famously fired three times on various episodes of The Apprentice. But all of those issue, all the issues about her credibility, come back to the fact that President Trump still hired her.”

He also noted how she calls the President a bigot in her book, begging the question of “why did she join the administration in the first place?”

You can watch the clip above, via CNN.

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