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NYT’s Thomas Friedman Calls Greg Gutfeld a ‘Moron’ for Mocking His Column on Trump Coverage

This week New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman argued that absolutely the media should continue covering every little thing President Donald Trump says because “they most reveal his character, and Trump’s character is the ceiling on Trump’s presidency — and he seems uninterested, and more likely unable, to change that.”

He knows that Trump’s core base, Republicans in Congress, and Fox News won’t be the ones to tell him to stop, but adds, “There are decent Republican moderates who, while they may never pull the lever for a Democrat, just might get too disgusted to vote.”

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld covered Friedman’s column on The Five this week and said, “What a great idea. Because remember what happened the last time the media covered every tweet, every rally, every word, and every reaction of Donald Trump?… They elected Donald Trump, the bozos.”

He also brought up all the free airtime Trump got from news outlets like CNN during the campaign, even before he was being taken that seriously.

Well, Friedman himself appeared on CNN this morning with Michael Smerconish to talk about his column. Smerconish set things up a bit by showing a clip of Gutfeld.

Friedman briefly addressed Gutfeld’s comments and said, “I don’t know who was the moron from Fox News who made that point that ‘how did that work in 2016?’ The question that I would ask is how is it working in 2018.”

He argued that things are different now because Trump isn’t running against Hillary Clinton and because his approval ratings haven’t ticked upwards very much.

Gutfeld sort of responded to Friedman on Twitter:

You can watch both videos above, via Fox News and CNN.

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