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Twitter Now Admits Infowars Did Violate Company Rules

Twitter has come under scrutiny this week after not banning Alex Jones after multiple other websites took action against the conspiracy-spreading Infowars host. CEO Jack Dorsey argued on Twitter that Jones just hasn’t violated company rules yet:

CNN’s Oliver Darcy looked into that and found that content that got Jones disciplined elsewhere also appeared on Twitter. After his reporting calling out numerous tweets from Jones, the tweets were all taken down (Twitter denied anyone from the company did so).

Well, last night Darcy reported that Twitter has now actually admitted that Jones and Infowars did violate rules:

A Twitter spokesperson said that the company concluded that of the more than a dozen tweets included in CNN’s Thursday report, seven were found to have violated Twitter’s rules. Twitter would have required those tweets to be deleted, if they were to have remained up.

But after CNN’s investigation was published, the tweets cited in it were almost immediately deleted from the social media website. Jones said on his program Friday that he had instructed his staff to do so and “take the super high road,” though he contested whether the tweets violated any Twitter rules.

Among the seven tweets found to have violated Twitter’s rules, the spokesperson said, two of the tweets occurred recently enough that Twitter could cite them in the future to take additional punitive action against Jones’ accounts.

But as the report notes, Jones and Infowars’ accounts remain for now.

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