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Kellyanne Conway Refuses to Say Whether Jeff Sessions Will Keep His Job: How Would I Know?

Amid President Donald Trump‘s attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him “scared stiff and Missing in Action,” Kellyanne Conway refused to say whether the country’s top law enforcement official would hang onto his job.

In a Sunday interview on ABC’s This Week, Conway, who serves as a presidential counselor, was pressed by Jonathan Karl for an insider scoop on whether Sessions’ days were numbered, given Trump’s tweet about the attorney general the day before.

Instead, Conway redirected the conversation to the Mueller probe, a perpetual source of outrage for Trump and his administration.

“The president is frustrated that the attorney general recused himself in early March of 2017 from anything having to do with the campaign,” she said. “And what the president really wants–if you look at all of his tweets and don’t just cherry pick them–he wants to make sure that we’re investigating all sides of the so-called Russian collusion.”

Conway then launched into a scathing condemnation of supporters of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accusing them of being “so afraid that they needed to prop her up, that she was such a non-compelling, non-persuasive, pathetic candidate that they had to dig up dirt on Donald Trump early on.”

However, Karl doubled down on his question, again asking about Sessions’ future in the White House.

“How in the world will I know the answer to that?” Conway asked. “I’m not answering questions as to who will be in the white house at the end of the year.”

The president’s routine criticisms of Sessions have prompted widespread speculation in recent months that his position may be next on the chopping block.

Watch the clip above via ABC News.

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