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Category: Entertainment

Salma Hayek Pens Op-Ed Revealing Harvey Weinstein Harassment: ‘I Will Kill You’

Actress Salma Hayek has added herself to the list of women that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is alleged to have sexually harassed, penning an absolutely damning op-ed for The New York Times in which she described her numerous encounters with the accused rapist. The details align with stories told by the many other accusers, with Hayek […] …

The Media Bawls as My NetFlix Gently Creeps

  In the quest for social media relevance companies chase those ever elusive viral memes and trending Tweets. More brands are turning over their accounts to woke and cloyingly jovial millennial operators who interact with users, snark at news stories, and troll the competition by pouncing on miscues and malaprops. Occasionally these corporate accounts land a decent interaction, but that is in a swamp of | Read More »
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