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When It’s Always A Room Full Of Men

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Nearly every day, there’s an image like this coming out of the White House.
Men standing around the Oval Office, sitting at a table drinking iced tea, casually signing away reproductive health options for women around the world. 
The Trump White House is a world without women. Not since Ronald Reagan in 1980 have there been so few appointed to a president’s first Cabinet.
Why this matters: When women aren’t around, they’re forgotten and left out. The remaining few get treated weirdly and/or badly. Things like this Kellyanne Conway incident happen.
That photo up top? That’s Trump meeting with the chief executives of America’s largest health insurance companies. Do you think they were engaged in a heated conversation about women’s health or about how Trump can safeguard provisions in the Affordable Care Act that make birth control affordable? 
Fun fact: Before the health care law passed, these guys used to charge women more money for health care than men. Why? Because vaginas are more complicated, apparently. Over and over, we learn that when women aren’t at the table or in the room ― we…

Water Cooler 03/02/17 Open Thread; Pediatricians Say Gender Identity = Child Abuse; Target Taking Big Hit; Americans and Bathrooms

The American College of Pediatricians Says Gender Ideology Harms Children The American College of Pediatricians has released a position statement that equates promoting “Gender Ideology” for children with child abuse. Summary The bottom line is this:  Our opponents advocate a new scientifically baseless standard of care for children with a psychological condition (GD) that would otherwise resolve after puberty for the vast majority of patients concerned. | Read More »
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‘Environmental justice’ on Trump-EPA chopping block

The end of environmental justice could soon be at hand. CNN, citing an unnamed source, said several Environmental Protection Agency programs face the chopping block due to President Donald Trump’s demands to reel in regulatory burdens on the private sector – and on the list is reportedly one that comingles the green movement with civil […] …

Black college president blasted as ‘overseer’ of ‘Trump plantation’ following meeting at White House

The president of a prominent black college was blasted as the “overseer” of the “Trump plantation” in a spray-painted message — along with other graffiti… …

Guantánamo’s Last 100 Days: A Story That Never Was

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In the spring of 2016, I asked a student of mine to do me a favor and figure out which day would be the 100th before Barack Obama’s presidency ended. October 12th, he reported back, and then asked me the obvious question: Why in the world did I want to know?
The answer was simple. Years before I had written a book about Guantánamo’s first 100 days and I was looking forward to writing an essay highlighting that detention camp’s last 100 days. I had been waiting for this moment almost eight years, since on the first day of his presidency Obama signed an executive order to close that already infamous offshore prison within a year. 
I knew exactly what I would write. The piece would narrate the unraveling of that infamous detention facility, detail by detail, like a film running in reverse. I would have the chance to describe how the last detainees were marched onto planes (though not, as when they arrived, shackled to the floor, diapered, and wearing sensory-deprivation goggles as well).  I would mention the dismantling of the kitchen, the emptying of the garrison, and the halting of all activities.
Fifteen years after it was first opened by…

White House clears Kellyanne of ‘nefarious’ Ivanka plug

  The White House ethics office cleared Kellyanne Conway of any “nefarious” wrongdoing this week, saying the right-hand aide to President Donald Trump didn’t mean to plug Ivanka Trump’s clothing line in public remarks made weeks ago, but rather was speaking in an “off-hand manner” to defend a friend. Specifically, the ethics office said Conway […] …

Democrats target Sessions for speaking to Russians

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign from his cabinet post amid revelations he spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the United States twice during President Donald Trump’s campaign. “Jeff Sessions lied under oath during his confirmation hearing before the Senate,” Pelosi said, the Hill reported. “Under penalty of perjury, he […] …

Police Catalogue Brutal Threats DAPL Protestors Made to Officers, Families

Lawyers defending law enforcement officers who were policing Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota put together nearly 40 pages worth of violent threats made towards officers and their families.
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