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Category: Race

CNN Reporter Pulls A Muscle Reaching A Dumb Conclusion

I have to wonder how much CNN offers in hazard pay, because Chris Cillizza is doing some dangerous stretching in order to create racial undertones to everything Donald Trump says. Today on Twitter, Cillizza pointed out a quote from a recent Trump rally in Alabama, in which Trump made some strong comments about athletes not respecting the flag/national anthem. The quote, Cillizza alleges, makes the | Read More »
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Affirmative Action is Far from Perfect, But It’s Not Hurting White People

Across both sides of the aisle, everyone is able to agree that affirmative action has its flaws. Many in the left-wing support the idea, discussed in Michelle Alexander‘s The New Jim Crow, that it’s a short-term solution that can be a positive force for some families of color but does almost nothing for truly impoverished, crime-ridden communities. […] …