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Office of Gov’t Ethics ‘Concerned’ About White House Decision Not to Discipline Conway

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has responded to the White House decision not to take disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway over her plug of Ivanka Trump’s brand during a Fox News appearance. …

Water Cooler 03/09/17; Open Thread; Sex Discrimination ? ; Just Who Is Speaking For God ? ; Destruction Of Israel Called For ?

Wa Sex Discrimination ? Not In The 2016 Election. Hillary Even More Unlikable As A Man What’s more President Trump came off grandmotherly as a woman ? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ A professor of economics named Maria Guadalupe was watching the presidential debates last year and had a thought. What if Trump were a woman and Hillary were a man? How would that change people’s perceptions of the | Read More »
The post Water Cooler 03/09/17; Open Thread; Sex Discrimination ? ; Just Who Is Speaking For God ? ; Destruction Of Israel Called For ? appeared first on RedState. …

Here’s A Running List Of Bills That Would Make It A Hate Crime To Attack Police

This is an ongoing feature keeping track of bills that states are introducing to extend hate crime protections to police officers. It will be updated monthly or as the need arises.
WASHINGTON ― Last week, The Huffington Post determined that state legislatures had introduced at least 32 bills in 2017 proposing that hate crime protections be extended to members of law enforcement, adding to 15 such bills that states introduced in 2016.
Since we published last week’s analysis, at least one bill was added to the list — Mississippi’s House Bill 645, which did not initially stipulate that police officers were protected under the state’s hate crime statute until it was amended in a state Senate committee. Along with Mississippi HB 645, a bill in Kentucky has advanced to the state’s governor. Another bill in Washington state has passed the state Senate.
HuffPost Visuals Editor Alissa Scheller has created the awesome graphic to track these bills, and we’ll routinely update it with new information.

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Meanwhile, here’s a simple list of all the legislation states are pursuing to categorize crimes against police officers as hate crimes, including the bill numbers…

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