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Friday Talking Points [418] — President-Shaming Might Just Work

OK, that’s a rather unusual title, but you’ll have to wait until the talking points part of the program for us to address it. Call it “the lesson to be learned from the Carrier jobs and Donald Trump,” or the silver lining that just might be an effective tool for Democrats in the near future. First, though, we’ve got to get through the news of the week and handing out our weekly awards.
President-Elect Donald Trump continues to assemble his Cabinet of Deplorables (to coin a phrase), nominating people who are either actively hostile to each department’s basic purpose in life, or laughably unqualified for any such important position.
The worst examples from that first category were Trump’s pick to head the E.P.A. (a man who is currently suing the E.P.A.) and his choice of a fast-food executive to head the Labor Department (who not only will fight against minimum wage increases, but also says he likes to see “beautiful women in bikinis eating burgers”). We have to say, when Barack Obama stuffed his cabinet with Wall Street types, at least progressives were bright enough to realize they had just been sold out in a major way, but so far it seems that…