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AP, NY Times Are Conveniently AWOL as Women's March, Black Lives Matter Praise 1970s Cop KIller

The Women's March movement has received fawning and forgiving establishment press attention, particularly from the Associated Press and New York Times, since its first official event the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration. Now the movement appears to be (or at least should be) self-immolating for several reasons, most recently its unapologetic support for a 1970s convicted cop killer. That controversy has even pulled in the Black Lives Matter movement, which has also received consistent and undeserved favorable press treatment, also exposing BLM once again as consistently, violently radical. Now the AP and the Times aren't covering either group's direct association with this controversy. Both the AP and the Times have led the establishment press in whitewashing the truth about the positions, leadership, and funding of the Women's March and BLM for the past six months and three years, respectively, while selectively covering their events and pronouncements. Neither outfit is a legitimate grassroots movement in any way, shape or form.

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Sunday afternoon, the Women's March's official Twitter account took off the mask just long enough to ruin itself in the eyes...