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Latest Media Obsession: Trump’s Health

Pausing briefly from the press's never-ending Trump-Russia obsession, both Politico Magazine and USA Today decided earlier this week to focus on the state of President Donald Trump's health. Nothing tangible appears to have prompted either report. USA Today absurdly issued a "breaking news" alert on the topic.

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The driving force behind issuing "breaking news" alerts used to be — and still should be — the need to communicate some dramatic new event or development. The press has taken to using the term to communicate clearly non-urgent items — perhaps never moreso than when USA Today issued its "breaking news" email alert about President Donald Trump's general health and his daily diet and exercise habits: Reporter Jayne O'Donnell's coverage tried to tie Trump's alleged indifference towards healthy living to public policy and to give ammo to people who want to use it to question his judgment (bolds are mine throughout this post): Will Trump's exercise and eating habits catch up to him as stress mounts? President Trump’s attitude toward diet and exercise isn’t simply a personal issue. It resonates in...

On the Eve of O.J. Simpson’s Possible Parole, Here’s the Real Story Behind His Imprisonment

The news media will take a break from its understandable Trump obsession tomorrow, and focus on whether an inmate in Nevada, convicted of serious, though largely victimless crimes, will get paroled. The reason for this is that the prisoner in question is O.J. Simpson, who is not only a football legend, but also a double-murderer […] ...

This day in WND history: Cheeks-in-2-seats violation sparks subway bust

Cheeks-in-2-seats violation sparks subway bust July 19, 2003: If Stephen Lamarch’s early-morning subway commute to his 4 a.m. landscaping job at Rockerfeller Center makes you tired just thinking about it, you’ll sympathize with the 21-year-old man’s decision to stretch his 5-foot-6 frame over two seats – after all, at 2:30 a.m. there was only one [...] ...